1. Jennifer Lawrence - Dresses (1/2)

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  3. And the nominees are…
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    She claps like a 5 year old.  And I love it

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  4. Travel Suggestions Plea

    I’m going on a tour of America for the majority of August and i was wondering if any of you had some great suggestions for things to see/places to eat/drinks to drink in the following areas:
    Las Vegas
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    New Orleans
    Washington DC
    New York

    Just inbox me if you have any ideas! All suggestions welcome :-) thank you in advance!

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    "I have this feeling of protectiveness over characters I want to play. I worry about them-if someone else gets the part, I’m afraid they won’t do it right; they’ll make the character a victim or they’ll make her a villain or they’ll just get it wrong somehow… When I get like that, anything’s possible.

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  6. Alison Hendrix dancing on places she shouldn’t be pt. 3 [pt.1] [pt.2]

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    Nicholas Lord, a Navy sailor since 2008 currently on active duty, is under investigation after threatening to rape a young woman who is a Navy recruit.

    The young woman posted a photo of herself on Facebook, captioning it to say she’s proud of how she’s working hard to get in shape for the Navy, and she’s excited to be leaving soon. The photo was shared on the page for her Delayed Entry Program for her fellow Navy recruits.

    Nicholas Lord, who is not a current recruit and who has been serving in the Navy since 2008, then commented:

    You’ll end up pregnant real soon you fucking wh***. If I could and I knew you, I’d hold you down and rape you.

    The next day, Lord gloated about his threat on his Facebook page, updating his status to say he’d been “trolling feminist pages.” In case it needs to be said, the Facebook page for a Navy program is not a “feminist page.” It’s a Navy recruiting page. (x) (x)

    I don’t know what the Navy’s punishment system is like, but I hope he gets the worst possible. I hope they investigate his past history in the military, too. If he’s bold enough to outright threaten female recruits, under his own name, on public, Navy-run social media, I seriously doubt he hasn’t harassed and threatened female sailors. He may even have raped them.

    Especially given the military’s problem with letting men get away with harassment and rape, they need to severely punish him.

    Send it viral, and he will see ramifications.

    If you only reblog one thing today I hope it’s this.

    Reblogging for signal boost, and to add TW

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    F*ck reblogging half naked girls, this is beautiful

    for all the people who think they wont find someone to love them, flaws and all…

    I can never not reblog this.

    This is my best friends cousin. Truly powerful story

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    A special, unreleased featurette from American Hustle. Featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and more!

    A fictional film set in the alluring world of one of the most stunning scandals to rock our nation, American Hustle tells the story of brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), who along with his equally cunning and seductive British partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) is forced to work for a wild FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper). DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia that’s as dangerous as it is enchanting. Jeremy Renner is Carmine Polito, the passionate, volatile, New Jersey political operator caught between the con-artists and Feds. Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world crashing down. Like David O. Russell’s previous films, American Hustle defies genre, hinging on raw emotion, and life and death stakes. (c) Sony

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